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8 tips on how to kick-start the new school year

Join or renew your local library membership

You should keep a reading journal and aim to read at least 4 books within the first half term.

Try to locate study resources

Locate/ Borrow or Buy all of the resources available for your year group This will help you tremendously to do your homework more effectively The resources may include a good dictionary, an encyclopedia, educational softwares.

Create a pleasant study environment

A few days before school starts, do a tidy-up of the desk and the shelves. Sort and throw away the relics of the past year. Donate your old books, pens and school things if they are still usable. Clean up your desk. Make it a comfortable place to do your homework. Your workplace should be a quiet well-lit corner where it feels good.

Developing dialogue

If you feel anxious of the new school year, it is very important to talk to your parents about your fears. They will surely find a way to help you get over your fears and gain confidence. They will certainly show you that they believe in your abilities, and will be willing to help you with your first pieces of homework if need be. It is also essential that you develop self confidence and believe in your own potential.

Be organised

Record key events ; goals and reminders in a diary /school planner or notebook to ensure that you achieve the targets set for you at school , in each subject.

Beat stress

If you are overly anxious about performance, work through your negative beliefs, especially the beliefs about the implications of school failure. Challenge your negative thoughts that your worth as a person or future prospects hinge entirely on your grades. Good performance will be achieved only when you beat your fears and discover your own personal worth.

Set goals

Enjoy setting goals for yourself, so you can transcend your weaknesses and reach your full potential. Your study goals must be realistic and achievable. For example, start with small steps to reach higher targets.


Achieving some goals will certainly motivate you to reach more challenging targets. Another motivating factor would be to understand that you work primarily for yourself and your future career. Apart from the external rewards that your parents may promise you, you must understand that studying well is your chance for self development.

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