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Phoenix Agenda Half Term Trip to Urban Equestrian Academy

May 30 - June 8th 2022:

A wonderful enrichment trip to the Urban Equestrian Academy.

Photographed: Phoenix students receive their new reading book at the Urban Equestrian Academy in the May Half Term Enrichment.

Feedback from students:

Student 1:

"My visit to Urban Equestrian with PASS was good fun. It was interesting to see how horses have their own personalities. I had intended to go on one of the horses for a ride but I saved that for next time.

When we started grooming the horses and cleaning the hooves I realised that these animals are hard work and need so much attention every day.

My best moment there was when we fed Jet a black Friesian horse. She had big terrifying teeth that initially made me tremble in fear- like she might bite. After feeding her she seemed to be smiling with the same teeth which made me feel more comfortable. It was a worthwhile visit and everyone should pay a visit sometime".

Student 2:

"My time whilst at the Urban Equestrian was surprisingly eventful. Initially, I didn’t think it would be much fun without riding on the horses. However, after my experiences at the stable, I thoroughly believe I would have still enjoyed the learning we got even if I didn’t get the opportunity to ride any horses. From meeting the horses and grooming them to cleaning after them, all were informative lessons. It was interesting to see the different types of horses and their varied personalities.

I think my best moment was accidentally letting out an ex race horse called Rain from her stables and since she has been programmed to act on a gate sound, she bolted out of her stable as if she was still in her race days. Glorious. The way she galloped down the field at full speed was mesmerising. I think I’ll be going back sometime soon".

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