At The Phoenix Agenda Supplementary School (PASS), we believe that all children and young people deserve the chance to shine. We offer Maths, English and Science tutoring, Mentoring, Needs-based support for both parent and child, Consultations and more. All global majority children are welcome. At PASS we seek to enrich the lives of our students and their families by supporting their progress towards academic, vocational and personal success.

Student Success

The heart of Phoenix  belongs to our students and we love to acknowledge and showcase their accomplishments to date, please

visit our Student Success page, you are going to want to see this.

Upcoming Events

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World Afro Day!

Wednesday 15th September 2021

We are pleased to invite you to host your own “Little Big Hair Assembly” on the 15th September 2021. This will also mark the 5th anniversary of World Afro Day®

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