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Online Learning

Online learning at Phoenix Agenda Supplementary School began from September 2020, after successfully running our online virtual Summer programme.

Whether your child is in need of extra help to catch up, or your child is gifted and needs and extra push, Phoenix is committed to help them reach their full potential.

Phoenix Sessions offer Tuition in English, Maths and Science for Key Stages 2 through to 4. The learning will take place in the form of  45 minute Virtual Wednesday and Saturday sessions

*Sessions can be tailored to suit individual needs*

Online Class

We have various materials for our children and young people to develop their reading and comprehension skills. To encourage your child's progress and interest, we recommend at home reading and our Principal, Ms. London-Miyo who specialises in English, can provide reading lists upon request. 


Some sessions may involve practical elements, for example Science sessions where experiments (currently virtual) may be carried out. This reinforces the understanding of processes and methods.


Mathematics is crucial in order to develop critical thinking and problem solving in our young people. We are committed to giving each child a strong foundation in this area for them to carry through life.



In addition to core teaching, we regularly host activities within sessions to engage our young people and keep their minds stimulated. Activities we have hosted include:

  • Windrush Day

  • Virtual Karate sessions

  • Financial Literacy Sessions

  • Egg in Vinegar Experiment

  • Spoken word workshops

  • Drama workshops

  • Football on the park

  • Cinema trip to see 'Harriet'

  • Virtual University tours

  • Enterprise workshops

Post 16 Provision 

Our Supplementary School also provides flexible tailored one to one Literacy and Numeracy support as part of our Post 16 Provision. These lessons in functional Literacy and Numeracy skills aim to provide first class learning experiences, build confidence and self-esteem in Young People who have not achieved the necessary grades to embark on their chosen fields.  

As part of our Post 16 provision we also provide 1:1 Academic/Community Mentoring using Choice Theory therapies in order to support the transition from different education and employment contexts.

To read more about our events/activities and to stay up to date with upcoming events, educational news and tips for home learning, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at the foot of the page! For more information regarding fees, exact times and more of our services, please submit your interest below so we can get in touch!


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