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The Importance of Parent Voice 2

Phoenix Agenda Supplementary School CIC in collaboration with the African Heritage Alliance

Black Parent Voice

For the last three years we have been holding public meetings with the African Heritage Alliance on building social capital in education for our children and young people . Parent Voice is a critical part of that process. We were honoured to have Professor Gus John deliver our keynote address at our inaugural public meeting on Parent Voice in 2021 . Last year we had a representative from the National Black Parents Association (UK) and this year 'Celebrating our sisters ' we had a panel : Jackie Ranger (Education Consultant ) ; Dr. Deborah Sangster l Fiona Hutchinson ( Community activists) and Brother Nia from the National Association of Black Supplementary Schools (NABSS).

If not now then when ? If not us then who ?

It is imperative that as a community we take an active part in the education of our children and young people , whether that is in establishing Black Parents groups , becoming school governors , joining parent teacher organisations and/or working with organisations like Phoenix Agenda Supplementary School .

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