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Phoenix Community Mentoring Project

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

As experienced education professionals we see first hand the desperate need for our young people to be able to access supportive community networks . With families and local communities working together, we can raise the aspirations of our young people. Leicester City Council statistics tell us that attainment for Black Caribbean pupils in Leicester have worsened over the last three years . We believe there are a number of reasons for this . Phoenix Community Mentoring Project will build a network of Community Mentors , and working with existing organisations ,we will support our young people to develop and improve their personal organisation and study skills . Children and young people involved in the programme will also learn about self advocacy and conflict resolution skills .The programme will be delivered by BAME education professionals and BAME role models from the Leicester Voluntary and Business communities.

If you want to be involved either as a mentor or as a young person contact us at

Time enough for us to "Grow our own - we have many talented people within our communities - Time to give back , for some of us Time enough to give back again !

Phase 1 of the Phoenix Community Mentoring Project has been funded by the Violence Reduction Unit .

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